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Corporate Christmas Program

The Corporate Christmas Program from Kids In Harmony Store… take the pressure off… let us do the “picking” for you!!

We are really excited to bring a new service to you, courtesy of Kids In Harmony Store! We have developed a new service within our company and we call it “ The Corporate Christmas Program”! When you use us to help you out with your gifting needs, you are supporting a local business which helps our local
economy and is, in turn, great for your own social networking. Let’s break The Corporate Christmas Program down so you know what it is and how it will benefit
your company dramatically!

THE CONCEPT: Picture this: You’re about to throw a big staff event, such as a Christmas Party, Appreciation BBQ, etc. And there’s so much to do! We’ve come
up with the solution to your HR party planning nightmare, and it’s called “The Corporate Christmas Program.” Reward your staff and their little ones with our
new service the easy way. We’ll hand-pick the gifts, package and deliver them to your company door, so you don’t have to.

THE BENEFITS: The holidays, and planning for other staff team-building events, can be stressful enough as it is. By using our new service, you can
eliminate the stress of rewarding your employees and their families. We take care of it all!

HOW IT WORKS: All you need to do is call us at Kids In Harmony Store and inquire about “The Corporate Christmas Program.” We will walk you through the rest,
effortlessly. You supply us with a list of names, gender and ages. You can either give us your budget amount and leave the selections up to us entirely, or
we will find a time that best suits you to do a private evening booking in the store and you can quickly select what you need. We will do everything from
selection, wrapping, labelling and delivery and we will make sure it all arrives on time and with utmost care to detail.

OUR PRODUCTS: We pride ourselves in specializing in unique and quality child driven toys. We have a vast selection and variety to choose from, for either
gender and any age from newborn to 12 years of age. We also carry board games and fun things that will occupy the adult mind! When you select Kids In
Harmony Store to be your events toy/game supplier, you will get the quality you need for a very affordable price.

THE REWARDS: Our program also incorporates a rewards system. If you spend a certain amount in the store, you can earn a charitable donation to your choice
of local charity in your name. Happy staff are proven to work harder and smarter in the workplace. Staff who feel like their company really values them,
statistically stay with the company longer and take more pride in their work.

Call us today at 403-309-0588, or email us at, to discuss your gift giving needs and deadlines. Summer is fast approaching, it’s
time to start thinking about those team building events and appreciation BBQ’s, and it’s never too early to book The Corporate Christmas Program for those
Christmas parties down the road!

We hope to hear from you soon!

The Kids In Harmony Team