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FIDGI-SPINZ Fidget Device are now available!!!

You’ve heard the buzz about Fidgi-Spinz by now! It’s the remarkable fidget spinner (fidget device) that’s designed for anyone who is old enough to hold it and spin it! Recommended age is 7+, but parents, you can buy it for younger children and use at your own discretion. As long as their hand is big enough to spin it, we leave the choice up to you!

The Tower, The Crown, The Rocket, and The Big Daddy

The Tower, The Crown, The Rocket, and The Big Daddy

A fidget device is something you hold in your hand that allows you an outlet for movement in any situation. Fidgeters can be seen wiggling in their chair, clicking pens, bouncing their knees, doodling, playing with handheld items, etc. Many people use fidget devices to satisfy their need to be in constant motion, from children to adults alike. Fidget devices are best suited when they are difficult to pull or pick apart, and are easily operated without many complex steps or pieces. Most commonly, fidgets are in the form of putty, balls, foam pucks, hand grips and the like.

Benefits of FIDGI-SPINZ:
1. Using Fidgi-Spinz will help you to improve your dexterity when you practice using different fingers to hold onto it. They can help you focus. They can help you improve your fine motor skills and hand/eye coordination.
2. Allows for a socially acceptable means to fidget in almost any environment (work, school or home), because it’s a product with a design flare that looks cool enough to span the ages of 7 years to 99, male or female!
3. Use in your non-dominant hand while either listening to a lecture or reading to stimulate that all important cross brain/body activation. This is a sure way to give kinesthetic learners the ability to move while learning.
4. Our Fidgi-Spinz product was tested to ensure high quality standards, and is made out of materials that will not bend or break. Quality is important to us.
5. As part of the collectible line, you can have a library of Fidgi-Spinz available at your fingertips wherever and whenever you need them. Take one to the office, keep one in your locker, have one in the living room, and keep one in the car for your kids.
6. Discrete is the name of the game when it comes to fidgeting. Our Fidgi-Spinz make nearly no noise at all and will not disturb others around you. Carry it around in your pocket, we made them small enough that they can literally go anywhere with you without being bulky.
7. Our Fidgi-Spinz device is unique compared to most of the “fidget toys” available. If you’re tired of filling your fidget bucket with stress balls and hand grips, or if your child just picks apart traditional fidgets, this is the next logical step for you to take for your fidgeter!
8. Our FIDGI-SPINZ are affordable. We looked, and we priced our products competitively. Instead of paying exchange rates and shipping, you can save money and have your product sooner just by buying local.

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