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We have HUGE news!! Kinesthetic Classroom

We have been researching products that will strongly benefit the educational system, both teachers and students, and discovered the company “KIDSFIT” which is based out of the United States. We are extremely proud and excited to announce that Kids In Harmony Store has been granted exclusive distributorship for these products for ALL of Western Canada!!

So what is Kidsfit, and how does it impact the educational system?

Kidsfit is a company that was formed in 1999, which produces kinesthetic learning and youth fitness equipment for any environment where learning is taking place. This could be classrooms, libraries, gyms, offices, home schooling rooms, daycares, pre-school settings, etc. Anywhere learning takes place is a suitable environment for this “enhanced and active learning” equipment.

What is kinesthetic learning?

Science has shown that if the body is moving as it is learning, thereby creating new brain cells (neurogenesis) and stimulating the production of BDNF (brain-derived neurotropic factor), we have a much greater capacity to absorb, understand and retain what we are learning. These movements do not need to be huge or loud, but they do need to be consistent during learning. When we exercise, our brain elasticity increases and allows us to create more memory paths. When being presented with information during a time when our bodies are engaged, it is more likely to stay in one of the new paths we are creating and have a greater access to recall when we need it.

What is a kinesthetic classroom?

A Kinesthetic Classroom means changing things up. It means reorganizing the room to incorporate movement learning equipment into the learning space. These are things such as pedal desks, standing desks, wobble stools, foot rockers, pedal stools, wobble chairs, balance desks, ellipse tables, stepper desks, striders, spin desks, and so much more! The concept is to have an active learning alternative available for each student in the classroom, to fully tap into their neurological processing during lesson times.

Why should you offer a kinesthetic active learning environment?

The studies have proven that with the use of equipment like this, vast improvements have started taking place in learning outcomes. Increases in attendance, memory recall, comprehension (especially of the maths, sciences, and reading), enjoyment of lessons, and enthusiasm to learn are widely apparent. Academic scores have increased for the students in kinesthetic classrooms. There have also been studies showing that students with challenging behaviors are able to correct these actions and are far less aggressive, anxious, and disruptive in the school environment. Students who are placed within the ADD/ADHD spectrum are able to direct their excess energy appropriately and have an easier time focusing on lesson plans. Movement in the classroom also benefits the muscular body and is an effective way of targeting childhood obesity.

What could possibly be better than all of that when it comes to learning? We encourage you to watch some TED X and YouTube videos on the “Kinesthetic Classroom” or “Active Learning” and to Google more on the topic to see the science behind the phenomenon. It will AMAZE you. Education doesn’t need to be hard, this is a way to make what you’re teaching really stick!

Kids In Harmony is thrilled to be able to be your supplier of this life changing equipment. This movement based learning is an innovative alternative, a new way of approaching education, and one that is making a huge impact in the classrooms which have employed the concept in the United States.

Contact us today to book an appointment with us. We will come to your school, office, or other learning environment and show you the full catalog of products that you can have access to for stronger learning and comprehension.

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