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Weighted Compression Vest

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Weighted Compression Vest is like a reassuring hug, perfect for helping to calm down, focus or cope with sensory overload and providing security. Provides steady proprioceptive input (body awareness) with deep pressure and balanced weight.  Supports kids and adults on the autism spectrum and those with hyperactivity or sensory processing disorder. Satisfies the wiggles and helps with focus and learning. The steady compression around the trunk are especially soothing for those with sensory challenges. Stretchy neoprene for a snug, comfy fit. Kids even ask to wear it.

Age 18 months – Adult

X-Small to Extra Large vest includes 2 lbs. of weight: four 1/4 lb. weights and two 1/2 lb. weights.

The XX-Small vest includes 1 lb. of weight with four 1/4 lb. weights. Additional weights sold separately (see accessories). Weights are safely positioned in pockets inside the vest and can be added or removed. Learn about the calming benefits of weights and compression.

The Weighted Compression Vests are designed by Fun and Function. Use weighted products with guidance from a therapist. You may benefit from 20-30 minutes of wear each hour, or longer. Use with adult supervision.

X-Small to Medium fits appox. ages 2-10 yrs.

Dolphin Graphic: X-Small to Medium

Motocycle Graphic: X-Small to Medium

Peace Graphic: X-Small to Medium

Navy Blue: XX-Small to X-Large

Red: Small to X-Large

Black (1″ longer that other colors): Medium to X-Large