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Childhood Obstacle Course

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Childhood Obstacle Course is a fun and active course that will keep children entertained for hours. This course features the Triple Play House, climbing wall and so much more!

Kidsfit began working with a team of Brain Research Experts, Educational Consultants and Classroom Teachers to develop a new way for children to learn and interact in their classrooms. What came out of our research and classroom testing is a line of “kinesthetic” – motion desks and tables that allow children to be in motion while they learn! This is not exercise equipment – this is an entire teaching methodology that utilizes standing tables, motion chairs and numerous simple movements that allows teachers to actually have more control in their classrooms while providing a classroom experience that is far more conducive to learning than traditional methods. This equipment comes with formal training and classroom certifications for schools and after school learning centers.

Recommended for ages 4-8.

Childhood Obstacle Course includes:

Model 901 (3) Custom Playhouses with bridges, slide, ball drop and climber

Model 508 Suspended Motion Swing & Frame

Model 507 (2) Rocking Turtle Shells

Model 578 Gear Action Platform w/ your custom logo

Model 521 Rainbow River Stones

Model 510 (3) Interconnected Balance Beam with Hoop& slalom step  Obstacles.

Model 535 Platform Steps

Model 524 Water Lily & Bridge Set (6 pieces)

Model 570 Set of 3 Obstacle Boxes

Model 515 Connector Ramp

Model 516 Wide Connector Ramp

Model 595 Instructional Cone Set (not shown)

Model 513 Balance Board Set (Not shown)

Optional: 16’ Climbing Wall Model 4000 Deluxe with Facility logo & colors

Model 547 (2) Crawl Through Tunnels

Model 503 Wavy Tactile Obstacle Path

Model 555 Elevated Climbing Wall

Model 528 Stepping Learning Ladder

Model 557 Bridge Over troubled Water

Model 588 Directional Floor Arrows

Model 135 Fitness Poster Set

Model 136 Fitness Poster Set

Model SS190 Super Small Moonwalker Obstacle

Model 567 Kneel & Spin Motion Obstacle (not shown)

Model 598 Obstacle Lesson Plan Ideas

Model 583 4’ x 8 Padded Floor Mats (2)