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Easy Daysies Classroom Management Tool Grade 1+


The Easy Daysies Classroom Management Tool magnetic scheduler kit is designed specifically for classroom use. Intended for grade 1 & up classrooms. Shows students the “shape of the day” and provides smoother transitions. Lessens student anxiety and improves student cooperation fosters independence and confidence in students. Images are simple enough for non-readers of any age to confidently understand their day. Slap them on a magnetic white board, or use them in a pocket chart! Individual magnets are 8 inches by 2.5 inches in size for easy viewing from a distance.

The Easy Daysies Classroom Management Tool kit includes 18 durable, illustrated magnets: Art, Assembly, Clean Up, Field Trip, Gym, Language, Library, Lunch, Math, Music, Science, Silent Reading, Snack/Recess, Special Guest, Social Studies, and 3 blank magnets.



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