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Easy Daysies Family Add-On Pack




This Easy Daysies Family Add-On Pack gives 18 more magnets for the starter kit.

The Easy Daysies Everyday Starter Kit is a magnetic daily schedule that shows kids the “shape of their day”. This mom/teacher-created product helps kids become more cooperative, responsible, and independent. Wonderful for helping kids of any age with event transition. Use these great magnets for a single routine, like bedtime or after school routine, or plan the whole day! Personalize the board by adding your child’s name with the included dry-erase marker. Put magnets in a simple list or use the “TO DO” and “DONE” columns for a reward system.

This Easy Daysies Family Add-On Pack includes 18 durable illustrated magnets: Dance, Dentist, Doctor, Gymnastics, Martial Arts, Movie Night, Music, Party, Play Date, Play Outside, Shopping, Skating/Hockey, Soccer, Sports, Swimming, 3 blank magnets.

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