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Elementary Deluxe Skier

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The Elementary Deluxe Skier is designed as a cardiovascular and core balance exercise apparatus for youth ranging in height from 42″ to 68″. Unique movement exercises the quadriceps, triceps, deltoids, trapezius, external obliques, and entire range of central core muscles including the transversus abdominis, back and pelvis. This unit provides balance training as well as complete cardiovascular and/or fat burning workout

Kidsfit began working with a team of Brain Research Experts, Educational Consultants and Classroom Teachers to develop a new way for children to learn and interact in their classrooms. What came out of our research and classroom testing is a line of “kinesthetic” – motion desks and tables that allow children to be in motion while they learn! This is not exercise equipment – this is an entire teaching methodology that utilizes standing tables, motion chairs and numerous simple movements that allows teachers to actually have more control in their classrooms while providing a classroom experience that is far more conducive to learning than traditional methods. This equipment comes with formal training and classroom certifications for schools and after school learning centers.

Elementary Deluxe Skier features adjustable floor levelers compensate for uneven floors. Includes kid friendly computer (reads calories, speed, time, and distance) No external power required.

Weight Limit 200 lbs. Best Fits Children: Age 7-11

Weight: 160 lbs

L 48 x W 40 x H 60″

Equipment Warranty: 10 year frame, 5 year bearings, 2 year moving parts