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Pattern Walking Mat

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The Pattern Walking Mat simulates a variety of walking patterns that children can perform. Each walking pattern is a series of progressions that actually prepares the brain for learning. It allows the developing brain to practice crossing the midline, balance, proprioception, and gross motor skills.

The Action Based Learning™ Lab is a series of progressions and stations, each designed to prepare the brain for input and processing. Sensory components of balance, coordination, spatial awareness, directionality, and visual literacy are developed as the child rolls, creeps, crawls, spins, twirls, bounces, balances, walks, jumps, juggles, and supports his/her own weight in space. Levels of physical fitness are increased and academic concepts are reinforced. As students move from station to station with a partner or partners, their self awareness, self esteem, and social skills are enhanced. Each progression and station allows the student to experience challenge, feedback, and physical activity, three components that are necessary for optimal brain function.

Pattern Walking Mat is 48″ x 96″.