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Playmobil 5427 Mountain Rescue Truck

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Race to the rescue with the Playmobil 5427 Mountain Rescue Truck. This heavy-duty mountain truck can handle even the roughest terrain. Equipped with a removable roof and rear doors that open, this vehicle is easily accessible. Two figures can sit in the front while the collapsible stretcher can be stowed in the back and secured for transport.

Since 1974, the toy system PLAYMOBIL has become a classic of children’s playrooms, with its many different play worlds – from a knight’s castle to a sunny holiday hotel. The beloved play figures with the characteristic smile have been produced since then and delight children all over the world. A wide range of accessories, buildings and vehicles, as well as many sorts of animals, are also part of the Playmobil line. Both parents and educators appreciate the award-winning toy system as a representative of high-value, quality play.

Playmobil 5427 Mountain Rescue Truck set includes two figures, rescue dog, stretcher, first aid kit, and other accessories. This set can be upgraded with the Playmobil 4856 RC Module Set Plus.

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