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Windmill Fidgi Spinz

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This Windmill Fidgi Spinz is compact, measuring just under 2″ in diameter, so it’s great for smaller hands. Lightweight, yet effective for perfectly satisfying spinning.

All of our Fidgi-Spinz products are extremely durable, made out of high quality materials, safe for daily use and have no harmful painted surfaces. When you use a Fidgi-Spinz product, you are creating an outlet for your constant need for movement. Use them with a single hand, or involve both hands, spin it however you feel most comfortable. Instead of toe tapping,nail biting, knee bouncing, pen clicking, chewing, vocalizations, furniture drumming, picking, etc., you can simply spin our Fidgi-Spinz products.

Our products are completely socially acceptable across all environments, from the mall to school, and from home to the boardroom. They are unique in the world of spinning devices because they are classified as an educational device or fidget device, not a toy, and they offer a unique unilateral design, not seen in any other spin devices currently on the market. The reason for this is that they require your kinetic energy, your physical movement, on a continual basis in order for them to continue to operate. Other spinners out there only require an initial spin and they keep spinning forever, but not ours. Our devices are perfect for cross brain training, if you use your non-dominant hand to spin with while reading or listening to a lecture. Fidgi-Spinz have enough of a weight to them to provide your body and brain with the physical feedback you need as a fidgetter, but they aren’t so heavy that your hands or fingers become tired while using them.

Recommended for ages 7 to Senior, but a younger child could be taught to use them responsibly and effectively, and can be purchased at parent’s discretion. Not recommended for ages 0 – 4 years old.